Give the Gift of Camp

Posted by : Victoria Johnson | 5 Dec, 2016

Summer Camp is the Perfect Christmas Gift

As your children get older it can be difficult to come up with meaningful gift ideas. The ease of picking out a Lego set or an American Girl doll accessory seems like a distant memory. Now all they want is a sparkly new gadget. And you’re wondering, what is the value in getting them the latest model of a device they already have?

I am a big fan of experience gifts. Even for my 8- and 10-year-olds, two of their gifts this year will be tickets to a show and a ski trip. I am tired of trying to find a spot in the playroom for new toys that are rarely used, so we are scaling back on the material items.

Summer camp is one of the best experiences you can give your child, as the memories last a lifetime. It's hard to imagine canoeing and hiking when you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, but now is actually the time to register for overnight camps. Also, Christmas is a great time to pool money from grandparents who want to chip in, as overnight camps can be expensive.

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Use Summer Camp to Improve Behavior

Posted by : Victoria Johnson | 11 May, 2016

If you don’t shape up, I’m sending you to [fill-in-the-blank] camp this summer!

Yes, I admit it.  I have used summer camp as a threat.  Most often this occurs at the dinner table, when I’m wondering why it’s so hard to remember not to chew with your mouth open or put your elbows on the table. If you girls can’t behave, I’m sending you to manners camp this summer!

Can’t make it around the Washington, D.C. mall on spring break? You kids have no endurance – I’m sending you to Running Camp this summer!

Don’t want to practice your multiplication tables? I’m sending you to Math Camp this summer!  (Then I feel guilty for making math seem like a punishment, when it should be promoted as a fun and desirable pursuit.)

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Will Science Camp Get You in to Harvard?

Posted by : Victoria Johnson | 13 Apr, 2016

Like I really need one more thing to feel guilty about. But as I was going through all the listings for great science and technology camps, I couldn’t help but wonder – are my kids at a disadvantage because they’re not doing robotics or space camp this summer?  Will they still get into Chapel Hill if they go to American Girl camp instead?

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Why Summer Camp is the Key to Happiness

Posted by : Victoria Johnson | 5 Apr, 2016


We all intrinsically understand the benefits of summer camp. This is why there are programs to send inner city kids to camp, financial aid programs, and even the Charlotte Observer's Send a Kid to Camp fund. Spending a week or a month in the woods with other kids will obviously help your child:

  • Get in touch with nature
  • Develop social skills
  • Gain independence
  • Learn new skills
But where's the hard evidence that this is an experience we should spend so much money on? How does throwing water balloons and teaming up for Color Wars help my child succeed in life?
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