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Posted by Victoria Johnson on April 9, 2017

Clayton, NC (Triangle)

Q&A with Andrew Borland, Instructor

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I have to admit, I know nothing about martial arts. Other than one children’s birthday party, my exposure has been limited to the movies. So I welcomed the opportunity to speak with one of the instructors at Revolution Modern Martial Arts, a studio in Clayton that offers summer camps. Just looking at the photos on their website made me want to sign up for a class, purely from a fitness aspect.

Martial arts studios are usually a good bet for affordable, full-day summer camps. Your child will receive disciplined instruction, stay active, and do fun activities. Here’s what Andrew Borland had to say about Revolution’s program.


What is your background in martial arts?

I have been at Revolution Defense for four years. Before that I was an assistant coach for a local lacrosse team. I kind of fell into this. I was looking to get more experience and was referred to Revolution by a nearby fitness center. I started out as an intern to learn how to run classes, and then started training. I learned Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate. My favorite style to train in is Karate because it is applicable in many different ways. I attend class twice per week to stay on top of my skills.


What does a typical day at camp look like?

From 8:30-10:00 we play some games, and then have a snack. After that it’s martial arts and more games. Break for lunch. Then more martial arts and games. We try to have a cool down/quiet time from 3:30-4:00 so the kids are calm by the time their parents pick them up. Some kids stay for a late afternoon class.


What kind of games do you play?

We have a wide variety. There are games based on dodgeball, some are a version of tag, and we have our own soccer game. The games all incorporate listening skills. We strive to make sure the games are athletic and that they also develop various skills.

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What type of martial arts do you cover in camp?

We combine American Kenpo [karate, self-defense] with kickboxing. Sometimes we may use punching bags and hand targets. In the past we have offered specialty camps where we use weapons (fake, of course).

Our camp instructors all teach at the school.


What type of kids sign up for camps at Revolution?

About half or our campers are current students. However, no experience is required – our goal is just to have fun. About one-third of campers are girls, and they’re often our toughest students. We have ages 7-14 and it’s usually an equal distribution; we split into two groups.


What do you think parents should know about your camps?

We stay active all day; there is not much idle time. We also have a lot of social interaction and do a lot of team work. The kids get a lot of instruction in the fundamentals of martial arts, which instills self-confidence and discipline.

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Revolution Modern Martial Arts provides instruction to 200 students year-round. Camps are scheduled for the week of June 12, July 24, and August 21. To learn more visit the website and check out more pictures and videos on Facebook.

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