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When Should I Register for Overnight Camp?

Posted by Victoria Johnson on September 17, 2017


The answer is Now. Run, do not walk, to that online application.

Registration for overnight camps is a little crazy. Some camps ask you to sign up for next year when you pick your kids up. Many popular camps in North Carolina are already running a waitlist in September.

It’s worse than planning a trip to Disney. More like snagging a cabin reservation in Yosemite or booking a flight using your  reward miles – you just have to sign up and then plan the rest of your summer around camp dates.

You may wonder, how can they even have their schedules ready a year in advance? It’s actually not that hard. Most sleepaway camps retain the same sessions and same calendar year after year. They are simply limited by space. If the cabins hold 200 girls, that’s the capacity. They fill up their roster, and then have the rest of the year to recruit counselors.

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Registering early is crucial for older kids. High return rates means there are fewer spots for campers over 10. If you’re finally taking the plunge and sending your 6th grader to a traditional overnight camp for the first time, do your research and sign up as early as possible. You may have to settle for being on the waitlist at several places.

This image was pulled from the Crestridge Camp for Girls website on 9/17/17:



Many camps offer early bird discounts. Please refer to the cost notes field in the session information for camps listed in our database.

Sometimes you have to register by Sept. 1 to get these discounts, in which case we didn’t bother to include it. If you’re that on top of things, you already know about the discount!

Other types of discounts include sibling and friend referrals.

Discounts are usually in the 5% or $100-200 range. When you’re shelling out $3000, that may not seem like a lot. However, $100 is $100, and you can go ahead and put that towards a camp trunk or camping backpack.



Apply early If you’d like to qualify for reduced tuition. Funding for financial assistance is limited, so the sooner you put your name in the hat, the better. To find camps that offer scholarships, just check the scholarship box in our search filters.


Go ahead and get started! Compare session costs and details for each camp. You can even download all the information to a spreadsheet for further analysis!

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